Unexpected happiness

Things happen without reason, or warning. They come and sneak up to you unexpectedly, surprising you. Today was one of those days.

I was on the train, on my way back after a long afternoon with my friends working on Maths. After my friend alighted at her stop, I was all alone.

Or so I thought.

This lady, maybe in her late fifties to early sixties, had noticed the school bear keychain my school bag sported and told me that the bear was very cute. She began striking up a conversation with me, and soon her husband sitting next to her joined her.

We talked about school, Chinese, another school (HC), my primary school, being filial… and after that amazing conversation, I felt elightened and more aware of the surroundings. It’s amazing how I was able to confidently converse with them in Chinese, and I didn’t feel nervous. I think I just thought of them like old friends, or elder relatives.

To that couple, thank you for teaching me and making my day.

Unexpected happiness