So my examinations are over. Yayy. After more than a month of studying, studying and a bit of procrastination…

I’m still afraid that I will do horribly in the examinations, but I keep comforting myself that I’ve done my best, I’ve studied and crammed all I could and whatever results I get, I’m going to accept it. Somehow that made me felt worse.

But I have other things to think about for this five days I’m free from school. Such as what movies to watch, which book to read, what Glee and Taylor Swift edits to make for my Instagram, and events to plan for my co-curricular activity. (Did you know I’m appointed Welfare Head? I’m so happy and excited!)

And of course my piano theory examinations are in two weeks, and now that my time is freed up from studying, I have to practise the piano. It’s not like I hate playing the piano. I actually like it. But I don’t enjoy to playing my examination pieces, and scales and arpeggios. I rather print sheet music of popular songs and jammed it out. I wouldn’t even want to take the examinations, except I understand my father’s rationale. That learning and taking the examinations will give me a skill I can use in the future.

Oh did I mention I got 59/100 for my French examination? It’s kind of good in my class, since there are only a few who got higher than me. I’m glad I passed too. But somehow, I feel really unhappy, because my friend N had a better result. I’m really competitive, which is a blessing and curse to me. Blessing as it motivates me and pushes me to strive for better results, and curse because it gives me too much unduly stress.

Oh well. Before you leave my page, to check out this hilarious video on Youtube about this guy called Tommy trying to use lyrics of Taylor Swift songs as pick up lines.