So it’s 13 of September. (Singapore time though).
Clara Schumann’s 193rd Birthday.
Niall James Horan’s 19th Birthday.
Glee Season 4 premieres.

But no, this isn’t what I’m writing for.
It’s just so much things have been happening and I just have so much to say.
This blog is for me to express my thoughts and feelings without fear, and no one that I know, or knows me, except one of my dearest friend, know this blog. It’s like a little secret, locked in a chest in my heart, and I have swallowed the key of the chest.
11th September marked many important events.
September 11 attacks (9/11).
1 and a 1/2 years after the tragic Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster.

I still wonder why people attack others. There must be some reason. I’m really lucky that I was only a toddler when 9/11 happened. In fact, I only realised the whole impact of this event last year. I’m ashamed, to admit that I was so unaware and oblivious to my surroundings. My hearts goes to those who have lost their loved ones in the attacks/disaster and to those who have lost their lives. Courage is what I wish you all.
I learn now to never let this affect us. I may not have experienced losing a loved one, but i can empathise. Yes we grieve and mourn, but then we learn from this, grow from this and move on from this. Terror has a half-life. Indeed.
I apologise for the lateness of this post. I meant to write this on the eleventh, but school is madness and I haven’t got the time.

(Picture not mine, taken from Harry Shum Jr’s Facebook page.)


Terror, has a half-life.

“I was reminded that we don’t know when or where our time on Earth will end. When or where we will breathe our last breath.”

– Jessica Ghawi, victim of the Colorado shooting.

9/11. The 2008 Mumbai attacks. The shooting in Toulouse, France. The shooting in Seattle, US. The shooting in Colorado, US. Many more.

Bullets. Bombs. Blood. Tears.

Lives lost. Hopes dashed. Terror. Panic. Fear.

Why do people do these things? Why do they hurt themselves, their families, friends, innocent bystanders?

Will I be a victim of these acts? There’s a possibility I might. And these nights I will toss and turn in my bed, worrying, freting.

But the most important question is: How do we prevent these attacks from happening?

These people, these “killers” or these “culprits”, they are also human. They have feelings, emotions, a heart. They are not some mechanical robot that is void of emotion, on an order to take part in a killing spree. They must have some motive, some reason behind all these.

I don’t think I will blame them. Maybe at first I will. But then i realise, maybe they have some reason, frustration even. Maybe they show their emotions in a wrong way. Maybe they controlled their feelings for so long, they burst, or detonate like a time-bomb.

They have partial blame, i guess. But part of the blame is on us. How do we prevent these? How do we help them? How do we know?

Stronger security measures have been taken all over the world since 9/11. Now, it takes longer to board a plane, or to go to a large-scale event. But if there more to do?

Jessical Ghawi was right. You don’t know. We don’t know when our lives will end, or be changed drastically. We can’t read the future, and thus we don’t know.

But what I know, is that when my time is near, whem my end is near, I don’t ever want to regret what I’ve done. I don’t want to regret not doing something, or meeting someone, or achieving a certain goal.

No regrets.

So that when my end is near, no matter where I am, pain or no pain, alone or with my loved ones, I can smile and think of what I’ve done.

“Terror has a half-life.” – Kurt Andersen, novelist and journalist.

Yes, I believe that’s true. Terror, indeed, has a half-life. Terror can destroy you, but it can also define you and make you even stronger. These attacks will be a jolt that will alter the course of history, but it will transform us to become better people.

Terror, has a half-life.