About me


Before I wrote this introduction, I wrote a short biography of some sort. It was tacky and I didn’t like it, because I showed that awfully upbeat side of me that didn’t felt like, well, me. At least not all of me are that upbeat. Contrary to beliefs, I am not who I always seem to be.

I am a teenage girl with a tired, lonely soul. I like reading, and writing, Mathematics and photography. I love the atmosphere of musical theatre or just theatre in general, and I love films and tv shows.

If you are here, you’ve probably read a few of my entries. This blog serves as my diary, for me to say what I always wanted but didn’t feel safe to say, or had no one to say to. It contains the most loveliest yet monstrous thoughts that runs through my head. (Recently it’s been more monstrous than lovely.)

This is my own little corner, where I can be whatever I want to be.


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