Take me back

I miss New Zealand. I guess as I was trudging down the corridor at school with a heavy bag and a slight breeze fanning my face, I felt a bit of nostalgia. I miss looking out the window to see beautiful, wintry trees and cloud-capped mountains, and to see the sun rise and set majestically. I miss feeling the cold breeze blow, and shivering in cold. I miss the daily ice cream cones, and the car rides filled with “spot-the-car/sheep/motorbike” games and country / rock music. I miss the fries, and salads, and pork ribs and fish and chips; and also the supermarkets and the beautiful towns. I miss the friendly people. I miss the scenery and the care-free atmosphere. I miss the flowers and the gardens. I miss their Salvation Army store. I miss watching their ads and news in fascination, and watching sit-coms and movies while on carpeted floors. I miss sinking slowly to blissful slumber into heated pillows after a good read. I miss New Zealand.


Take me back

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