An Eventful Day

Today was uneventful. I woke up at 7am (much, much earlier than I would normally do during the holidays) and then went to school for CCA training. It was fun and exhausting, and I was really glad to catch up with my batchmates and spend more time with my juniors. Then I took the MRT home and listened to the Catching Fire motion picture soundtrack and all was well.
Until the train stopped at Serangoon. If you take the circle line regularly, you’ll know that Serangoon is one of the stops where there’s lots of human traffic going in and out of the train. Just as the train doors were closing, I heard this young lady trying to rush through the doors. The only thing I saw was this grey umbrella flying through the small space between the door. I picked it up and looked at the girl through the window, raising the umbrella and giving her “what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-your-umbrella” look. She just smiled like she was so amused and signaled me to just keep it.
But… Being the person I am, I decided to alight at the next stop (Bartley) and board the next train and try and look for that girl to return the umbrella to. As I was alighting, this disposable water bottle rolled to my feet, so I picked it up thinking I’ll throw it away at Bartley. Of course I didn’t realise there weren’t any dustbins in the MRT itself, so I just held on to that disposable bottle instead. There I was, standing in the almost deserted MRT station carrying two bags and holding an umbrella that wasn’t mine and a water bottle I just picked up.
I waited for 6 mins (oh, the agony!) and finally the next train came, which I boarded with relief. I looked around trying to find that young lady with a pretty smile in a black blouse, but to no avail. In the end, I went home with that grey umbrella and the water bottle (which I threw away at home). My mom and brother all thought I was weird to do that, but it made me feel better instead of feel guilty if I just didn’t care, so I’m very happy with myself (haha).

The umbrella and water bottle from today.

Today was an eventful day.

An Eventful Day

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