Ramblings of a Teenager

It’s been a month since I have poured my thoughts out here.
It’s 22 30h on a Sunday night, awaiting a promised hectic week crammed with quizzes, presentations and other graded assignments. So is the life of a teenage student.
Being a teenager is so confusing. I feel more strongly about things – I cry easily at movies, I smile easier at books, I get angry about the smallest things. The latter is why I have this blog, this little secret corner of mine where no one I know but me knows.

My classmates complain that my biology teacher is not “good”. Why? Because during practicals, she does not give us the answers like my chemistry or physics teacher. Because she does not highlight exactly we are going to be tested on for our graded practical assignment. The more they complain (which they do almost every week without fail), I get more irritated at them. If school was full of lessons where providing answers and solutions were expected, there need not be school at all. One could just be provided with stacks and stacks of answers sheets, and just study them and be called “educated”. My idea of school is a safe places with competent people to teach, guide and nurture youngsters, to allow youngsters to grow into young mature adults. My idea of learning is to find answers of your own, or to cope with the unknown. Yes, provided answers would help us a lot, I do not deny that. But if you are not provided with them, why complain? Why not just search for those answers on your own? Why not cope with whatever information you have, no matter how little, and strive for the best? That would probably help us in the future, when we grow up. Because when we grow up, we cannot expect the answers to be laid out in front of us, just waiting for us. We have to search and obtain it. The answers, solutions, whatever that may be shall be the Golden Fleece, and we the Jasons. So to my friends who think my biology teacher is not “good”, think again.

Ramblings of a Teenager

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