Today I helped out at my school’s P5 camp, and we attended this bilingual debate. The debate question was: Should military service be compulsory for women? This question set me thinking, so here’s my opinion.

I disagree.
Scientific studies have shown that women are less physically fit and compatible for military service. Women are already given the choice to join military service; military service is just not compulsory for women. If women feel compelled to join military service and feel that they’re fit for military service, then they should join. But the government should not force every woman to join military service. Not all women are physically compatible for military service. Making military service compulsory for women may promote gender equality, but by forcing every women into military service, you’re disregarding women’s rights.
It’s true that women don’t have to be on the battlefield should they join military service; they can contribute to other areas such as medical and technology. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t the women go to university to study these areas?
By forcing women to join the military service, you are putting women next to the men. Women are definitely less physically fit compared to men, and are definitely more vulnerable. Making women to fight next to men, you are exposing their weaknesses to men. The men may look down on them, may taunt them. The women’s self-esteem are not boosted, in fact, they might lose confidence.
In military service, teamwork is of utmost importance. Should one person be lagging behind, the entire team is penalized. If women were put amongst the men, and if women lagged behind the men because they’re not as fit as the men, the men will be penalized because of the women. Tension between both genders will arise because the men begrudges the women. Then, the team won’t be able to work well. Are you suppose to promote gender harmony, or encourage gender prejudice?
Women can join military service, but they should not be forced to join military service. I’m not saying women are useless to the country’s defence, I’m just saying they are more suitable contributing to other areas of the country’s defence like economic and social aspects.

(P.S. This is my 50th blog post, so I thought I’ll try and post something intellectual. Emphasis on the word “try”.)


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