Best Movie: North Country

This week, I attended two sabbaticals: 从电影看到东西方文化的差异 (Differences in Western and Eastern Culture in Films) and Ancient Chinese Math. Despite what the title might seem, the sabbaticals were held by both Chinese and English teachers!

We watched a lot of snippets of different films in the film sabbatical, but we watched two films fully. 秋菊打官司 and North Country.

North Country was amazing.
The plot showed how women gained their rights, by standing up to the men. While the law system was pretty advanced for the 1980s, women were looked down upon, and abused and harassed because the men’s attitude. But North Country shows that women have rights, and women can take a stand against the norm to fight for what is right.
The two scenes that really touched me was when Josie’s father finally stood up for her in front of all the men, all his friends and also when women, miners and Josie’s family stood up in support for her during the court hearing. It was so touching and so inspirational, and this shows how one person can affect a whole group of people, a whole state and then, the whole world.
Not to mention the stellar cast in North Country. Charlize Theron, who was amazing, Frances McDormand, who I recognise from Mississippi Burning and was just so brilliant, and not to mention Jeremy Renner. I just love Jeremy Renner, and all his roles, but this role was a huge turning point for me. It shows how flexible he is in his acting, how he can act as the antagonist and still be so hot and amazing. (Yeah, my fangirling self is showing…)

In a nutshell, this movie is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.



Best Movie: North Country

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