Thoughts on The Happiness Project

In The Happiness Project’s chapter of July, Gretchen mentioned “Spend out!” as one of her resolutions of the month. This made me realise how alike Gretchen and I are, in terms of characteristics. She’s an under buyer, a “satisficer” and a “maximiser”. I am, too. I like to calculate and compare prices and criteria of things and see which is most worth it.
But after reading that chapter, I realise that I, too, want to “spend out”. I like to hoard things because I don’t want to waste it and I want to keep it for some other time in the future (which probably will never ever come). Or I don’t like to buy things, because well I want to wait for something better, that might or might not come. But now, I want to change this. I want to spend out.
I’m not really meaning buying anything I want or doing anything I want on a whim, but I definitely want to stop hoarding things. I want everything to be more organized in my life, so that I can be in control of one aspect in my life, even if the rest (such as school) is falling apart. I think it’ll give me a sense of security.
I’m also going to keep a happiness and gratitude journal (which I learnt from the chapter of August). I’m going to post things that made my happy, or things I’m thankful for on this blog. And through this I want to take note of all those happy moments, be it little moments or large ones, and be more grateful, and through this be more satisfied with my life and learn to forget all my troubles. I hope this will help.

I think, Gretchen Rubin is my spiritual teacher.

Thoughts on The Happiness Project

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