Heart Broken

Seeing the full victim list of the Sandy Hooks Elementary School Shooting was devastating. Most of the children were six or seven years old. Happy with school and life and friends and looking forward to their future, their years ahead. All these dreams are shattered just because of a man. They were no longer grow up to be teenagers, to learn how to drive, to get married, to have children, to have jobs and to grow old. The world had lost 27 innocent people with bright futures who might have been future pop stars or leaders. And the teachers and other adults whose lives were lost too. They cared for the children and staff under their care so much that they were willing to risk their lives for them. I applaud them for all the people involved in this tragedy, survivors and victims, for their outstanding bravery. Rest in peace, these 27 angels. You were be sorely missed. And for those greatly affected by this tragedy, my heart goes out to you.

Heart Broken

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