This Week’s Thoughts

My heart goes out to the victims of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school. I don’t understand how someone could bear to pull the trigger at his own mother, and twenty children. Twenty beautiful innocent children. Twenty beautiful innocent children who were probably excited about winter and Christmas and presents and about go to school and were happy and naïve and just too innocent. And his own mother! The one who bore him and took care of him and raised him. And of course other innocent adults who were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I just can’t understand what the shooter was thinking. When I woke up today, I looked at Instagram and heard about this news and was extremely devastated. There are just too many innocent lives lost due to people’s rashnesses or issues. Parents were probably sending their children to school, sure that they were going to happy and safe, not expecting this. Teachers shielded students from bullets or locked them into cupboards. It’s just too tragic. Too terrible. Families are going to spend Christmas in grief and sadness. Rest in peace beautiful angels, and I send all my love to all the families hurting.
On a lighter note, I’m currently in Taiwan for vacation, and this is my last night here. I’ve been travelling to different places in Taiwan — to the country sides, to the suburbs, to small and large cities. And if you ask me where I liked the most, it’s Taipei. I guess I’m already used to living in the city, so I feel at ease in Taipei rather than the country sides or suburbs.
What strikes me the most in Taiwan is that the people here are so friendly and helpful. Waitresses in restaurants are so meticulous, walking around filling glasses again and again and again without prompting, and staggering the seeing of dishes to make sure the dishes won’t get chilled easily. Taxi drivers asks you if the air conditioners are too cold. On the bus, people give up their seats when they see my older relatives or a mother with her young daughter without hesitation. It’s just these little actions that bring a smile to my face. Suddenly, my aching feet doesn’t seem to hurt anymore. Of course in Singapore these actions can be seen, but not as much. Sometimes I have to muster courage to give up my seat for an elderly. And I don’t know why. Maybe I’m embarrassed, maybe I feel awkward, I don’t know. Maybe i don’t know who to give up the seat to! Maybe the person i give up the seat is quite young, and feels offended! I don’t offer the seat to the person, I just walk off. But after seeing those people in Taiwan, I’m going to change.

This Week’s Thoughts

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